Welcome and thank you for visiting our site!  You've taken the first step to finding the ultimate products to providing you, your employees, and customers a safe, 99.9999% germ free environment that is completely NON-TOXIC. BioErase and BioVera are all you need to achieve this, along with the proper application tool/device. BioErase deactivates the human coronavirus in just 60 seconds, without using harmful chemicals. Imagine it is safe to spay around people, pets and food. BioVera is a a non-toxic, non-alcohol, non-flammable hand sanitizer that not only leaves your hands feeling soft and moisturized, but provides Up to 4 Hours of of Protection. 

Please review the products, look at the data, and choose the best method of application that suits your needs. Please contact us for a quote or further information. We are here to provide the world with healthy, and safe, germ fitting products. 


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Restroom Accessories
Restroom Accessories